13th Coventry Scout Group

Adventure is at the heart of everything we do

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13th Coventry Scout Group

Parkville Highway




13th Gold V3

Group Scout Leader



M: 07849125173

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E:[email protected]

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What we do at the 13th Coventry Scout Group...

Scouting is already one of the greatest movements the world has ever known. Scouts  have walked on the moon, rowed across oceans, scaled the highest mountains. They  have been prime ministers and Oscar winners, authors and inventors, World Cup heroes and scientists.


In Scouting, young people get the opportunity to discover their potential, benefit from a positive, supportive environment and make a difference. Scouting offers life changing adventure to over 446,000 girls and boys made possible through the efforts of the 105,000 volunteers who also enjoy the fun and friendship of Scouting



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Corvid-19 Update: Currently We are closed for Face to Face, however the Scout association and Caludon District have put together a number of things to do whilst you are missing your weekly meeting

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